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    of Noni & The God Tree

    Now, faced with the unusual truth about what lived inside her, Noni was forced to try to bring forth a power that she never knew existed. She was no god, but simply a human faced with inexplicable purpose.

    Noni & The God Tree: The Series

    A Shrouded spark

    Book I

    Noni Grace always believed that her life was painfully average, if not exceptionally unlucky. After the tragic loss of her parents at a young age, Noni committed herself to leaving her hometown, and leaving behind all of the troubling memories. On her graduation day, a near-fatal accident changes everything, shattering the façade of the ordinary life she once lived. After meeting the man who saved her life, Noni realizes that nothing is as it seems—not even her.


    Book II

    Noni and her friends continue their journey after fleeing from Earth. What monsters or mayhem will meet them on the other side? Find out in Book II!

    About the author

    Breshea Anglen

    Breshea is an author, blogger, teacher, and poet from Cleveland, OH. She is a lover of reading, animals, anime & manga, Marvel films, and long naps.